Mar. 14, 2012 - Projective Globe announce the release of its Phonogram Application

The newly released Phonogram app is an interactive social music application for iOS devices. The application is used to play music at social gatherings by enabling users to become DJs - allowing them to queue their songs on a host device to be played. DJs will receive points based on users "liking" or "disliking" the songs played. Participants are able to post song information to Facebook and Twitter, and have the option to buy and download their favorite songs through iTunes while it's playing.

Learn more about the Phonogram application here and download the application today from the App Store

Mar. 01, 2011 — Projective Globe. today announced the release of its WinMDSK API

WinMDSK (Win Mobile Data Sharing Kit) for Windows OS (Desktop, Laptop and Netbooks) facilitates cross-platform data-sharing between iOS devices, Windows .net computers. APIs for iOS and .Net frameworks are ready for use and can be downloaded from Projective Globe site at WinMDSK

Jan. 20, 2011 – Projective Globe. today announced the release of its iMDSK API

iMDSK (iOS Mobile Data Sharing Kit) for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch) is a powerful communication platform designed to enable an app data sharing between applications on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A sample app called Airphotolite is developed based on iMDSK to provide guidance for new developers who want to use iMDSK. The sample app code and respective tutorial can be downloaded from Projective Globe’s site at iMDSK

Jan. 01, 2011 — Projective Globe. today announced the product lineup of its upcoming Mobile Data Sharing Platform.

Scheduled for release 1st half of this year, the Projective Globe Data Sharing product lineup will bring clarity to developers’ mobile application world by helping them easily accomplish everyday tasks, quickly share what they want, improve the safety of personal information, stay connected at home or on the go, and help ensure applications on Mobile devices and PCs can share data, more secure and running smoothly. The MDSK product lineup consists of three versions, two for computers, and one for Mobile markets: MacMDSK, WinMDSK and iMDSK. The lineup is designed to deliver clear value to a broad range of developers, each product tailored to meet specific needs of various segments of developers — Mobile Application user, home PC users, small and medium-sized businesses and the largest enterprises — and is aimed at bringing exchange-less data sharing and IM into mainstream. “We live in a content sharing world that is surpassed all expectations, more things to do and more ways to communicate and share with others than ever,” said Amir Soheili, CEO at Projective Globe. “Each platform needs to give developers and users the clarity and confidence to handle this ‘world of sharing’ so they can focus on what’s most important to them. With our MDSK product line, we’ve streamlined and tailored our product lineup to provide what our customers want for today’s sharing needs.”

MDSK: Designed for Organizations of All Sizes
iMDSK. iOS MDSK is the platform designed for organizations of all sizes. The iMDSK will help keep sharing mobile content running smoothly and more securely so they are less reliant on exchange servers. For larger organizations, iMDSK will provide dramatic new infrastructure improvements that will enable IT staff to spend less time focused on day-to-day balancing load of exchange servers.

MDSK: Incredible New Experiences and Choices for the PC User
Developers can choose from two versions that deliver exciting new experiences for the PC user:
WinMDSK. Windows MDSK is a great choice for Windows PC with basic sharing needs. For consumers who want to simply use the Windows PC to share their pictures, video, calendar, to do list , correspond with friends and family through IM, WinMDSK will deliver a safer, more reliable and more productive sharing environment. It will provide new tools and technologies for making the Windows PC more secure and enjoyable.

MacMDSK. Mac MDSK will help consumers use mobile or Mac PC functionality more effectively while enabling the enjoyment of new, exciting sharing experiences. Mac MDSK improves every aspect of digital sharing experiences, including photos, video, audio and calendar.

Carpool - School Edition for iOS (iPhone and iTouch)

April 2010 – Projective Globe announced the launch of its first app in Apple’s App Store. Carpool – School Edition is specifically designed for parents and students scheduling carpool rides to and from school. Forming carpool groups, preparing monthly schedules for carpool trips and sharing the schedules using 3G network is amongst many functions of this app. Learm more about the Carpool - School Edition application here and download the application from iTunes Preview